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Products & Outreach
Blessed Home Program

A residential home program featuring the "Smart Home" which not only blesses the owner, but is meant to be a triple blessing.  Learn how you can realistically become a millionaire in 14 to 16 years through this unique home ownership program. 

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In the past we have required a password to continue reading the web-book.  However, to bless all who desire to be "Amazed" at God's truth and wonder, we are now releasing this work for your enjoyment in its entirety.  If you would like to make a love-offering/donation to further this work and ministry, please link below to donate the suggested fair market value of this web-book at $7.99. Again, it's our upmost desire to have all come to Jesus Christ thru any means, such as by reading the Amazing Evidence, which ultimately Jesus made available, just for you.
A recent book written by H. Vandergouw that looks at the signs of the times which Jesus spoke about in regard to His return. More than ever are these signs pointing to a specific generation that will most certainly see the return of Jesus, first for His bride, and then for the world.  CLICK HERE to go to website for more information.
NEW!  Amazing Evidence in paperback for only $15.00
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New!!  Amazing Evidence Book Now Available for only $15.00 + $4.00 S/H