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  One of the areas of the Bible that I had a hard time accepting before I became a Christian was the six day creation event as described in Genesis. As I understood it at the time; the entire universe, earth, water, air and all living things were created in a mere six days.  Although I could ultimately believe that God could create these things, the greater problem was that I was told and instructed by those responsible for my education that the universe was eternal and that life upon it evolved through a process called natural selection as advanced by Charles Darwin, commonly known as evolution.  My acceptance of this theory was based on what I believed was ethically true science.  Since I was not a Christian nor educated as one, I was never exposed to the scientific proof for creation theory. In fact, I was told it was at best, a tale without scientific basis. How shocked I was to find out that evolution was in fact a largely contrived scientific
opinion, at times permeated with blatant fraud.

One example of fraud and dishonesty was perpetrated in the infamous “Monkey Trials” of the Scopes trial in 1925. As precedent, the biblical doctrine of creationism was disputed for the very first time.  Evolution, as taught by John Scopes and represented by attorney Clarence Darrow, an atheist, challenged the teaching of biblical creationism in the public schools.  The prima facie evidence used in the trial was a tooth that supposedly came from an extinct man found in Nebraska.  Only later was it discovered that the evidence attorney Darrow used in court was based on the tooth an extinct pig!  The hypothetical man  dreamed up and called Nebraska Man (species name: Hesperopithecus Haroldcooki, named after its discoverer)  NEVER EXISTED!  Ironically, the very claims of bigotry that Clarence Darrow made about our educational system of only allowing one form of origins to be taught in American schools still exists today (evolution replacing creation) and for the most part was and still is based on a lie!!!

Why Evolution Is Impossible

Before taking college courses such as physics and chemistry, I was well aware and thoroughly experienced with Murphy’s Law, as you probably are. I’m sure that everyone knows the essential meaning of this law, such that, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Murphy’s Law is so common and universal, that hardly a day goes by when we aren’t affected by it in some way or another.  If you have a basic understanding of Murphy’s Law, then you already have a working comprehension of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics basically states that a structured system has the inherent tendency towards disorganization. In other words, any organized system, whether it be man-made or natural, will eventually break down unless additional energy is added to the system to overcome the tendency towards disorganization (also called entropy). This is seen in machines, the human body, society, government, and so forth. They all break down over time, unless additional energy is added. In some instances, systems still break down with the input of large amounts of organizing power, which our government is a perfect example of (the need for bigger budgets every year and more people).

However, the evolutionary model dictates that life on earth has evolved by natural processes into its present state of high organization and complexity. Since natural laws and processes are believed to operate uniformly, evolutionary development is at odds with the very physical laws that state such systems should fall apart.  Paradoxically, evolutionists claim that such development to higher order and design still falls within the context of uniformitarianism. On the other hand, creationists use the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as the basis for creation and as an argument against evolution. Evolutionists believe life has the innate ability                         to defy  this  most  basic principle of physics by
Ironically, the very claims of bigotry that Clarence Darrow made about our educational system of only allowing one form of origins to be taught in American schools still exists today. And that is the theory of evolution which has replaced the study of creation.  And it's based on a lie!!! The lie is that the prima facie evidence that attorney Clarence Darrow used to support Darwinism was based on the tooth of an extinct pig which was said to have come from a man!  Talk about pork barrel science!!
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Attorney Darrows defense used in the Monkey trial. Only later was the real Nebraska Man revealed.
Another fraud: Piltdown Man in the evolutionary ascent of humanoid development.
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High school teacher John Scopes who began teaching evolution which brought about the Monkey trials in Tennesee.
Evolutionist Charles Darwin
Schoolteacher John Scopes
Schoolteacher John Scopes was one of the first to teach the theory of evolution and was defended by attorney Clarence Darrow (on the left) whereas the state of Tennessee chose William Jennings Bryan (on the right) to defend the right to teach biblical creationism as the only means of how life came forth upon earth.  Although the trial was won by the state of Tennessee, it eventually allowed only the theory of evolution to be taught in all public schools, not just in Tennessee but throughout our nation.
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