Praise and Glory Worship Events

From 1992-1993,  Body of Christ hosted a number of public Praise and Worship events, held in Shrewsbury, MA. Included with this beautiful time of worship was follow-up ministry with Rev. Bill Alsop who specializes in the the gifts of the spirit regarding words of knowledge, healing and prophecy.  It was an uplifting and grand time for all who attended.
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Who Is Body of Christ Ministries?

Body of Christ Ministries is para-church ministry dedicated to serving the Lord for the sake of fulfilling the Great Commission so none will perish and unifying the body of Christ for HIs purposes.  It is dedicated to draw together and unite the body of the Lord's believers (Church).  It is in full support and agreement with the National Association of Evangelicals when it launched its "Evangelical Manifesto". The "Manifesto" purpose is to glorify God, to strengthen our witness to those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all, maintain our nation's religious freedom, and expand and improve our ministry to the world.

Your contributions to Body of Christ Ministries will help to promote the cause of Christ.  All donations and/or income received to this ministry will be tithed on in the amount of 10% or greater to ministries that are evangelical in cause.  As such, this organization has a great desire to see the gospel preached throughout the entire world so to hasten the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Who Is Body of Christ Ministries?
Goals and Aspiration
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March For Jesus

Between 1994 and 1996,  Body of Christ, Inc. sponsored the March For Jesus in Sarasota, FL. and from 1998-2000 it supported and assisted Tulsa (Oklahoma) March For Jesus.  The March For Jesus called Christians of all denominations to unite and take the joy of knowing Jesus beyond the church walls and into the streets with prayer and praise to show this broken world the love of Jesus.

On June 25, 1994, the MFJ brought together more than 10 million Christians in over 178 nations and over 550 cities across America.  It was the largest praise and prayer gathering of Christians in the world at that time.  For example, in 1997 over 1.5 million people marched in Sao Paulo, Brazil alone!
Networking with "Encounter 96"

In Feb. 1995, Body of Christ, Inc. in conjuction with churches in the Sarasota/Bradenton area supported the effort of "Encounter 96", a evangelical crusade held by Steve Wingfield Ministries at Ed Smith Stadium.  Body of Christ, Inc. helped distribute over 3,000 Trac-Paks in both cities.  Included within the door hanging plastic bag was an invitational cover sheet about "Encounter 96", a timely newsletter  titled "Signs of the Times", and a gospel tract.
LifeBoards - A Billboard Mission for America

In 2006, Body of Christ, Inc. sponsored LifeBoards, which hosted a billboard presentation at Sarasota Crossing for a period of 2 years.  Featured was a billboard sign as shown on the lower right hand section of this page.

This was billboard mission carryover from a similar program conducted in the Tulsa, OK area in 2001, when the Body of Christ was able to place 9 billboards in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma at that time.  Average tallies taken by Clear Choice Communications (formerly ELLER Media) indicated that a total of over 1.26 million vehicles passed by those billboards during a 3 month period.  Based on a conservative estimate of 1.6 viewers per vehicle, over 2 MILLION SOULS were exposed to this life saving message of JESUS BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION ANYONE COULD EVER MAKE!
Declare His Truth and Glory Booths

The newest outreach is designed to reach thousands if not millions with the declaration of of His Truth and Glory as expressed in Psalm 66 (read it, you'll be blessed). The goal is to place booths in as many malls in America as possible.  The booths only need to be about  8‘ x 10‘. On top of the booth, four large video displays (one on each side of the booth) will play the latest evidence proving God. Christian resources pertinent to the videos will be offered for sale.  Besides billboards, we believe this can be one of the most impacting while cost efficient means to impact souls for the Lord! Call for more information.
The First SARASOTA/BRADENTON LIFEBOARD went up 11/2006 at Sarasota Crossing, directly opposite of the Sun Cinema 10 @ Sarasota Crossing, Fruitville Rd. Sarasota just west of I-75.  We pray for more