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In this website, you will read about some of the latest discoveries, many of them made within the last 50 years or so pointing to the truth of God, His Son – Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  This latest evidence is so amazing and overwhelming, that it actually takes more faith not to believe in the truth of God, His Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit than to believe!

For example, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948 gave biblical scholars a view to compare the latest bibles to the word of God that has been preserved through the ages. Not only that, but the Copper Scroll, a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, pinpointed the exact location where the Holy Annointing Oil could be found, thereby proving the validity of the Dead Sea Srolls. Then, the latest discoveries in astronomy give solid evidence for our cosmos being created, which points to a divine Creator!  So strong is this evidence, that many astrophysists are coming the conclusion that there has to be a Creator who put it all together as the physics so implicitly state.  Also, recent archeological discoveries not only prove the historicity of the Bible, but also gives direct proof for the more recent discoveries of Noah’s Ark, Sodom & Gemorrah and the true route of Exodus.  Again, we believe any reader will be awed at these latest discoveries. Then, we have the more supernatural evidence of the Shroud of Turin, the cloth purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus, found to contain pollen spores only known to Israel.  Read what one of the leading scientists had to say about this cloth after he thoroughly examined it.  Also, a vast number of NDEs, otherwise known as Near Death Experiences, weave a common testimony among many individuals who experience true clinical death.  As such, their experiences give them an opportunity to glimpse both heaven and/or hell.  Medical research shows that such experiences go far beyond coincidence or hallucinations.  The testimony of these individuals tell us that there does exist a heaven and hell, as spoken of in the Bible.  Included in the NDE presentation will be a number of YouTube testimonies that are absolutely riveting which you will not want to miss.  Also check out the chapter on Equidistant Letter Sequences, which is able to foretell future events above and beyond the prophecies that are given in the Bible.  Lastly, read about the prophetic aspect of the Bible which thus far has been 100% accurate.  If prophecy (a form of prediction) were only based on chance, it would be statistically impossible for the Bible to be 100% correct.  Not only that, you'll also read about a probability analysis that was performed on the Old Testament prophets foretelling the first advent of Jesus the Messie.

I also invite you to read my testimony which led to the writing of the Amazing Evidence and Signs of the Coming  Messiah In This Generation, which is chronicled in the above link About the Book.  It is a testimony that gives a picture of where I once stood in regard to my belief structure, as probably many of you are this day.  In my testimony, you read about the dynamics that finally led to my conversion, followed by a desire to seek evidence of the Truth, the Way and the Life.

For those of you who are blessed by the “Amazing Evidence”, we have available Info -Tracts relating to each of the subject headings.  You may purchase them on our Products link above.  We are also offering our Amazing Evidence "Tract" brochure, which is a compilation of all the chapter Info-Tracts available today. These are great tools to use when doing Tract -Pak witnessing or individual witnessing.  We believe these resources are reasonably priced and will help contribute to fund this ministry. Again, check out the links!
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The picture you see above was taken by the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) in 1978, in the church of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Italy where the Shroud is presently housed. 
A recent book written by H. Vandergouw that looks at the signs of the times which Jesus spoke about in regard to His return. More than ever are these signs pointing to a specific generation that will most certainly see the return of Jesus, first for His bride, and then for the world.  CLICK HERE to go to website for more information.
Picture of earth taken by Apollo astronauts.
And a picture of another world on planet Earth, under the ocean.
Galaxy NGC1232, millions of light years away from Earth.
See enlargements of Pics below
A most beautful mountainscape brought forth on our planet, Earth.
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